About the blog

I've been writing blog since 2008, albeit being an on-and-off relationship between me and my blog. 
Then I got distracted by Facebook, spent most of my time there including posting notes. 
Then I got distracted again by Twitter and forgetting about blogging.
Once I plan to be more serious with blogging, there comes Tumblr with its glory and power that got me distracted again. 
Long journey, I know. 

Now I have decided to be serious with blogging, let's say that I start all over again.
So, why blogging?

By blogging, I learn to be discipline. I learn to write more.
I also believe that life is good, life is amazing, and every moment is worth remembering. This is one way to not forget about things that happen in my life because apparently, I have a very bad memory haha.

I started revamping and blogging again around 2013, the time when I was living in Boras, Sweden for 6-months exchange program. Hence the early posts would be about Sweden-related. Then, June 2013 I went back to Indonesia to continue my study in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
I've already graduated in August 2015 (yay!!).
I currently reside in Leiden, Netherlands in an attempt of achieving master degree (and stay survive and alive here while at it).

I write a lot about books and music, also many other mundane things in as well.
I enjoy watching movies, western series and Korean drama, so beware of those posts

Will write both in Indonesian language and English depends on the mood hoho

Enjoy blog-walking around :)

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